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Forbidden Fruit: Hands-On Together with the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005Sitting with the ocean somewhere along the coast of Menorca, I glance down within wrist and spy the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005, a watch that isn't overly usual for most things that I'd tend to wear automobile means of displaying any time. Still, a result of the inclusion of a shroud, I felt the desire to track this JDM-only piece down and add it to the product. It's an oddity, but it's a watch that has been making waves online for a lot of reasons. Let's get into it, speak about what it's, just what it isn't and my overall impressions.The Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 is just one of three regular production versions of the all-digital Landmaster in the Prospex brand of replica watches (an SBEP001 with silver hardware and detailing is available combined with the SBEP003 with Pepsi bezel - ah, and there are 2 more limited editions offered at specific Japanese retailers). I decided this variant because I such as the gold theme for my non-mechanical Seiko "divers" and thankfully have a friend in Japan who contributed to buying. Created in conjunction with Japanese design firm "lowercase", it's meant to be a bit funky. Still, it brings goods.Even though the instruction manual says to avoid pouring water directly on top of the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005, it's still good as a result of 200 meters and has a bi-directional rotating bezel to help you with the timing of tasks. It's actually a solar-powered watch using the S802 caliber that runs 5 months when fully charged and might "hibernate" for 20 months when switching to power reserve mode. At nearly 50mm all around, watches it's actually not small, yet it's relatively slim (in fact) at 14.1mm thick. The silicone strap is 22mm in width as well as the Digi Tuna contains handy spring bar tool holes to help changes.Interestingly, the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 is suited that has a "scratchproof" plastic shroud affixed with four black-coated hex-key screws. The bezel and mid case are seemingly manufactured from similar things. The crystal is just termed "glass" and carries a function that has lights the non-backlit display when tapped as you move the watch is about the wrist.It isn't really until one flips the watch over on its backside that steel is available. In cases like this, it is a basic cover that's held i'll carry on with four screws. Info is sparse with only the Seiko name, Prospex "X", serial number, water proof, the reality that the watch is produced in China along with a duplicate retelling with the button functionality presumably to ensure the replica watches caseback is defined back on correctly.With four buttons, audemars piguet jules audemars the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 contains some typical digital watch functionality including alarm, 44-city world time function (2 timezones are programmable and displayed - they could be toggled on the center or lower area of the screen utilizing the 9:00 button), and stopwatch. The mode may be adjusted using the button at 4:00. That button's location, mind you, permits the watch to maintain a very Seiko-esque profile.Most are discussing the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 and its brethren as Seiko's opening salvo against Casio as well as vaunted G-Shock line. I get might it's almost impossible to never make that comparison, but I think that's assigning a bit too much responsibility to this piece. Firstly, the display for this watch isn't backlit and, functionally, making it a lttle bit dubious as being a watch you'd depend on in low-light situations. The tap function works and also the sensitivity could be adjusted, nonetheless it only lights things up for any second approximately. In terms of the specific display, I enjoy the simplicity of this guide it is all totally tucked into a traditional round case (the G-Shock I've worn running and to a fitness center for roughly Decade is usually a JDM piece with analog hands that offers off much the same vibe). Plus, the minutes are displayed down the edge analog style, which then enables the utilization of the friction fitting rotating bezel like a timing tool rolex 16610lv . It's all regulated cool, quite simple, as well as a bit kitschy.Some have decried the application of what feels as though lightweight, somewhat brittle feeling (read: non-rubbery) plastic to the shroud for the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005. All things considered, Prospex replica watches are supposed to take an ass-whipping after which come back for further. Very likely, though, I'm certain in addition there are the Seiko faithful who recall mid-80's H558 "Arnies" using their easily fractured plastic shrouds.   Preconceived notions aside, the watch feels stout, but admittedly much less bulletproof to be a Casio. Probably the idea that the Casio features a rubbery feel or comes off as one solid block helps the situation. Overall, though, with regards to the Seiko is consistent with their typical level of fit and take care of. The buttons exemplify this with many cool radial and crosshatch finishing. They're light to the touch however, not whatsoever sloppy.As i travel for the longer timeframe, Which i bring my Casio for running and for workouts alongside some mechanical pieces. I made the choice against it on this occasion and opted solely for the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005. On First day, I strapped it to my wrist and brought it along using a sweltering mid-30's Celsius run. I'm picky on the subject of running with replica watches because anything with any weight feels as though an anchor such temps.Thankfully, the Seiko is just as light like a feather and the soft and pliable silicone strap helps it be a great athletic partner. I hardly noticed that it absolutely was on which is an excellent. Some complain about the fact that this strap and buckle go unsigned, but it felt great in my opinion. The identical goes to the Digi Tuna being a pool/beach watch. The watch felt airy and never gave the look of it was stuck to my wrist or trapping any sandy debris.The Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 isn't a true Tuna needless to say, but it is a seriously fun watch that plays on the party's theme. It marks a return for Seiko to this market - yes, I am aware to remain making digitals for many years - with the introduction of the semi-tactical piece that likely has just enough taking it looks-wise to bring in fans of the trademark with some casual browsers. Plus, at 30,000 Japanese Yen, it's not overly expensive. Detractors could argue, somewhat rightfully, that you have a tough too much style over substance which consists of lightweight plastics and dark screen, on the other hand enjoy different "not so nerdy" digital look. Now, we should hope that Seiko decides to supply these cool pieces throughout the world.For additional about the Seiko Digi Tuna SBEP005 along with other variants go to the official Seiko site here .