Our favourite picks from your Karl Lagerfeld collectionFirst published: 27-10-2016Bold, iconic, often controversial... the outspoken Karl Lagerfeld continues to make waves in the high-fashion world, because he has ever since the 1980s omega seamaster price . The 80-plus designer - that is the creative director of Chanel, along with the head of his very own fashion label - is famed for creating striking monochrome looks accentuated with shots of vivid colour.Lagerfeld brings his catwalk style to his wrist wear collection, having a selection of women's and men's replica watches that makes any outfit look stylish and various. Here, we have a look at all of our favourite pieces from the Lagerfeld collection.Rose gold delightThe Karl 7 Chronograph Watch in rose gold balances a sense of femininity using a harder, metallic edge. The face design is shaped to generate a variety of shades by catching the sunlight, giving the replica watch a multi-tonal finish watches .The numbering runs on the combined roman numerals and digits, but rather than overwhelming the eye, the style of each element brings some classic style for an otherwise modern timepiece.This replica watch is wonderful for a formal event, for example a wedding, simply because it constitutes a statement but is unlikely to over-accessorise the outfit.Modern gentlemanThis modern men's timepiece - the force Watch - can be a classic instance of Lagerfeld's most iconic designs. Using white and black to produce a monochrome effect accentuated with subtle silver finishes, the timeless scheme is perfectly balanced while using modern digits and lettering to produce a fashionable, urban accessory.The leather strap is smooth and slim, which but not only helps to make the replica watch feels good, but activly works to further highlight the big face, that is the star from the design. This piece is versatile, therefore it will work well with a smart suit, or informal T-shirt and jeans.Understated designLadies' Bellville replica watches come in several shades, letting you pick a timepiece inside colouring that you pick. Much simpler than the Karl 7 replica watch above, the Bellville takes the metallic shading on the Karl 7, but removes all numbering, adds a soft leather strap, and decreases the dimensions of the face.As a result, the Bellville will fit snugly, and check proportional, on the slimmest wrist, and works well as a daily replica watch which will suit most styles. Add a sparkle on your donning to the office, or produce a statement when you find yourself hitting town for any spot of shopping!Masculine and feminine Lagerfeld is recognized for adding a masculine twist to his ladies' line, together with with a touch of femininity to his men's collection. Inspired by this trend, Lagerfeld incorporates a variety of bold unisex replica watches that flatter every fashion-lover's wrist.We like to this deep black timepiece, including a pop of colour due to bright gold touches evidently. This is a special timepiece that includes a thoroughly fashionable edge to your outfit - ideal for special occasions. Bright and boldIn like as his fashion lines, Lagerfeld occasionally breaks clear of his black-and-white scheme on his timepieces and uses vibrant colours to produce something truly eye-catching. This ladies' Zip Watch is an excellent example, which has a hot pink leather strap, bold gold face and stud detailing.The ultra-slim strap makes this replica watch appear at first glance to become a not at all hard bracelet, and it's only on closer inspection which the bare face comes into focus. This is well suited for any fashion lover who wishes to wear a timepiece that completely breaks the mould, while adding a splash of colour thus to their daily wardrobe.Kitsch and retroThanks towards the gold plating and quilted effect face, the Karl Lagerfeld Watch is the perfect addition to any retro-lover's jewellery box. This kitsch replica watch lets the facial skin pattern do the many talking, which has a minimalist, numeral-free timekeeping design, delicate hands and also a slim strap.This timepiece is most effective having a smart-casual wardrobe; skinny black trousers and a straightforward, slim-fitting shirt allows the replica watch to shine and work as a genuine attention grabber.The Karl Lagerfeld replica watch collection males and women contains timepieces which might be an absolute must for high-fashion lovers. With price tags to fit a variety of budgets, as well as a number of styles from outlandish to subtle audemars piguet women , pick a replica watch that exhibits your personality with this eclectic collection. perfect replica watch
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